Balsabamo Collection - 5 sweet-sour condiments made from cooked grape must


Discover our fabulous Balsabamo and Saba Collection with a selection of 5 sweet-sour condiments, each with their own unique nuances. The ideal accompaniment to your dishes, this pack of five sweet-sour condiments allows you to explore and enjoy several all at once, and discover your favourite Balsabamo and Saba.  

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Our Balsabamo Collection includes five bottles of sweet-sour condiments, of 50 ml each. It includes a bottle of Saba, Balsabamo 3, Balsabamo 6, Balsabamo 12 and Balsabamo 18. These bottles are delivered to you in an elegant box together with their recipe book.



Saba is the sweet essence of cooked grape must. Saba is sweet and characteristically fruity with a pleasant tartness. Saba is perfect for sweetening desserts such as ice cream, ricotta or yoghurt.


BALSABAMO 3, sweet-sour condiment: for delicious salads

Saba is made with acidic cooked grape must, and naturally acidified to create Balsabamo 3, a fruity and pleasantly sharp sweet-sour condiment. This is the ideal condiment for your salads or vegetables, to make them even more delicious.


Balsabamo 6 sweet-sour condiment: for a sweet-sour flavour in your dishes.

Balsabamo 6 is aged in oak barrels. This allows it to acquire a distinctive sharpness, more rounded, moderately fruity and with woody undertones. It is the perfect condiment for meat and for preparing sweet-sour sauces etc.


Balsabamo 12 Vinegar: bouquet

This condiment is barrel-aged according the ancient art of Modena.  A few drops of Balsabamo 12 are delicious on cheese, vegetables and savoury tarts.


Balsabamo 18 Vinegar: bouquet

This is a fully matured sweet-sour condiment. Delicate to taste, with a fruity nuance, absorbed from the cherry and mulberry wood it was aged in. This Italian condiment is well-balanced in terms of acidity and lingers on the palate. Try it on a teaspoon as an apéritif, or drizzled over strawberry salad or ice cream.

Data sheet

Origins ITALIE - Modène
Capacity 50ml x 5
Ingredients Cooked grape must
Product characteristics 5 products, 5 nuances of flavors: from the fruity sweetness of the saba, to the fruity and pleasant acidity of the Balsabamo 3, to the first shades of wood of the Balsabamo 6, and long and well balanced acidity, and syrupy consistency of Balsabamo 12 and
Ideas & Advises The saba to sweeten your dishes, the Balsamo 3 for your salads, the Balsamo 6 for your meat dishes and the kitchen, the Balsabamo 12 and 18 to give a new, well balanced and long perfume to your dishes.
Casket of the product 5 x 50 ml bottles in their boxes with a recipe booklet
Brand La Cà Del Nôn


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