Hautes Saveurs is an online delicatessen. Our mission is to introduce more and more people to top-quality Italian products. This website is for people like you, passionate about traditional specialities and Italian cuisine.

Our range of products explores the Emilia Romagna region in particular, (in the central Po Valley to the north of Italy), long considered a land of plenty in terms of culinary excellence. In fact, Parma, a province in Emilia Romagna, has recently been declared a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy.

For example, Parma produces Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma Ham PDO, both world-famous products. There are many other excellent products, often consumed within local and regional confines. They deserve to be tasted and appreciated beyond these limited areas

Our goal is to share with you excellent products like these.


A native of Northern Italy, Alessandro was born in Parma, the heart of the “Food Valley”. He studied Sociology at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Philosophy.

With his doctorate in Sociology, specializing in the sociology of consumption and taste, Alessandro went to live in Canada, where he studied the factors that attract foreigners to Italian food products, and how they perceive them.  

This had nothing to do with clichéd stereotypes about spaghetti, pizza, Naples and the mafia etc. Rather it was a behavioural study focusing on the real perception of Italian food from an outsiders’ perspective.

Alessandro furthered his experience of the food sector, selling French products in Italy for the Compagnie Française des Grands Vins and the Patriarche Group, and was also involved in the olive oil sector and fresh pasta from the Italian region of Liguria.

After a number of years selling Italian products to French professionals, particularly restaurateurs using high-end products, Alessandro decided to offer quality products to Italian food lovers more generally, and particularly individuals.

With a love of France dating back 30 years, and having recently moved to Nice, Alessandro chose this charming city with its historical ties to Italy to be the headquarters of Hautes Saveurs, the Italian delicatessen par excellence.