Parma Ham PDO part - 28 months - the “Culatello”


We have selected this third of Parma Ham PDO, known as the “Culatello”, aged at least 28 months. This particular part of Parma Ham PDO is known for its sweet flavour: it melts in the mouth, enveloping you in the aroma of this exceptional product.

The “Culatello" part of Parma Ham PDO can be identified by the flower-petal shapes that are formed by the lean and fatty streaks as the ham cures. Think of this section as the heart of the Ham - universally acknowledged as the choicest cut of Parma Ham PDO.

Parma Ham PDO can be purchased whole or by the section. Each of the above corresponds to a third of the Parma Ham.  These Parma Ham parts are known respectively as the “Culatello", the choicest cut of the product, the "Gambo", the less refined, and the "Fiocco", the leanest of the three.

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Parma Ham PDO (“Prosciutto” in Italian) is a typical product of Parma with very ancient roots. Historians date this particular way of processing and maturing ham to the period when the Po Plain was inhabited by the Gauls. So you could say that Parma Ham has French ancestry! Indeed, at that time, the region of Cisalpine Gaul included part of Northern Italy, with the city of Parma at its centre.

Of course, the standards for processing this product today are extremely rigorous and precise, including rules and legislations on hygiene, storage and preservation of the meat. Nonetheless, the ingredients have not changed in over 2000 years. Nothing but pork and salt. The quality of the product derives from the artisan skill involved in processing it, and the particular climate found in the Province of Parma.

Data sheet

Ripening 28 months minimum
Certification Prosciutto di Parma PDO
Origins Province of Parma
Weight Average weight: 2.5 kgs
Brand Hautes Saveurs


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